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Version 1.1

WindowsWindows 12.7 Mb (France)
Cnet (World mirrors)
Automatic installer.
Includes Java 1.3.1 (optimized for image processing).
Installation guide

  Linux  Linux 45.5 Mb (France)
Automatic installer. Runs on any distribution.
Its large size is due to Java 6 being bundled (optimized for image processing on Linux).
Installation guide

Mac OS XMac OS X 2.6 Mb (France)
Disk image. Both compatible with Power PC and Intel Macs.
Installation guide

 Debian, Ubuntu Debian, Ubuntu 3 Mb (France)
Debian package. Depends on Sun's JRE 6 (not compatible with openJDK)
Installation guide

Mandriva Linux 2010, Mageia 1Mandriva Linux 2010, Mageia 1 2.9 Mb (France)
RPM package. Automatic installation works only on Mandriva, for it requires Sun's Java 6, which is not available anymore on main repository of other Linux distros
Installation guide

If you encounter any problem during download or installation, let me know.

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